Lyrics from thetransportconnection GHOSTFACE KILLAH Sour Soul Lyrics, singer by GHOSTFACE KILLAH

Yo, cleanse me, clean me of my sour soul and fishes
My mind races from the satellite dishes
No technology, this world’s corrupt
They can’t feed me food for thought, I won’t budge
I’m a twisted individual, they say critical
I say Nigga I’m on top of my pinnacle
Chest boards and sword, alphabetical darts
My clan is brave hart, try move live Paul Blarts
Sloppy, go ‘head and try and stop me if you can
Your casualty’s of war will get locked up in the sin
I’m Iron Man, a stone faced killer with a mask
Don’t want the truth then don’t ask, you couldn’t handle a task
Rigorous, my war faces wanna gargate me
Evil cause I looked all bugged out and crazy
Dusted, abominate fluid dripping from my nose hole
Stapled to nigga, never catch me wearing rose gold

Fuck the CIA, DEA and the feds
They got you bugged son
Michael tripping off your meds
Wax like dreads, smoking rags on the list like Craig
Steroids in chickens, why they feeding us eggs?
Hot in a ditch nigga, snitch nigga, I won’t switch nigga
Zin position with my finger on the trigger
Pure alkaline, that fluoride will fuck you up
I seen a spaceship fly out the back of a truck
Diamond water, I’ve been splashed with the fountain of youth
Had a molar fall out, I grew in a gold tooth
Bullet proof, my clan?s sword is surgical steel
I don’t fail, I’m comfortably numb, stable to slump
Insomniac, I’m charged off the rays of the sun
You can’t fuck with me nigga, this is one-on-one
With the strength of ten midgets I’ma murder you son

This real
Yeah, I got my swagger back and all that
That’s right



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