Lyrics from thetransportconnection GHOSTFACE KILLAH Tone’s Rap Lyrics, singer by GHOSTFACE KILLAH

Ayo, ayo, bitch, what the fuck? I got lint on my robes
I can’t pimp in these clothes
Them fuckin’ hoes is killin’ me
There’s no slack for a pimp in these streets, is you feelin’ me?
Cad suede is brush
The velvet shirt is crush
The diamonds in my teeth are flush
A fly nigga
Cognac sipper, keep a blade at the tip of my cane
For snakes that slither
Cry me a river, bitch
Just want my cut of the money
You get pimp slapped
Catch your bitch ass acting funny
Get my mink and a fucking suede brush for the wallows
First, pretty Tone enter the room, then y’all hoes can follow
To swallow, flip tricks, sit dicks and make money
Bring Daddy Pooh Bear back, barrel loads of the honey
I’m bumpin the Isleys, Al Green got a pimp on lean
I got a main bitch, a side bitch, and two in between
Nah mean? I make a ho polish the chrome of my gun
Cause pimpin’ ain’t easy but it sure is fun



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