GHOSTFACE KILLAH Death’s Invitation

Lyrics from thetransportconnection GHOSTFACE KILLAH Death’s Invitation Lyrics, singer by GHOSTFACE KILLAH

[Verse 1 – Ghostface Killah:]
Ayo Kane found Logan lamping at Deluca’s
Sitting with a little black boy, she called him Lucas, he knew it
Found himself the daughter of a kingpin
The ex of Tony Starks, it’s a win-win
His seed, the grief filled up in his eyes
He kidnapped them both, for a scheme of revenge
Pillow cases over their heads, tossed in the Benz
No friends, no foes, only evil to expose
Let’s make a video
Tell Lu I got his grandson and daughter
And I ain’t lookin for no ransom
I want revenge, I want blood, I want his head on a rug!
I want him to watch me strangle his daughter
Butcher his babies, attack pits foamin out the mouth with rabies!
M-80s stuffed in his ass cause bodily harm
This is just the fuckin tip of the storm!
Tell him to come! Tell him we need to speak man to mush!
As soon as he step in the building..

[Verse 2 – Scarub:]

[Verse 3 – Lyrics Born:]
At day break, the Delucas made their way through the main gate
Quietest cougars chasing wild gang prey
They cut through the chained fence up through the five escape steps
They raided the Kane gang [?]
The look on Kane’s face when he realized what was taken place
He was anticipating a payday, but he was faced with a melee
He sprained to his feet but his legs wouldn’t stay straight
Afraid, he reached for his piece, Bang Bang! Bang Bang!
But wait, as if on cue, the Deluca crew called out, Lucas!
And began shooting unison, maneuvering from each of the rooms in pursuit of Kane
Blew smoke and the cue dreamt irrefutable stench of mutilated flesh and the death of human beings!
Finally it was over
The Delucas lowered their revolvers and put them back in their shoulder holsters
They shifted through the dead remains
The bedrooms, and the entry way

[Verse 4 – Chino XL:]
Now what is this that stands before me?
Underneath this wack off coughing
It’s Logan and her half beat offspring
I got the nod from Kane that I’ll be enforcing [?]

[Verse 5 – Lyrics Born:]
Kane’s gang had no imply the Delucas had staked out the vacated building for eight days
They knew about his way in, the way out, the makeshift escape route
The hidden staircase, the way down to the basement in the safe house
Where to find Logan and her afraid child
In a dark corner where they were being held
They were blindfolded with taped mouths
No light or water, arms and legs bound

[Verse 6 – Chino XL:]
But there’s a double cross of course, I’m hearing guns letting off from somewhere else
I’m ready to get involved with the revolving [?] warehouse all by myself
I dive underground finding rounds

[Chino XL:]
I am delivering death’s invitation
I am delivering death’s invitation
I am delivering death’s invitation
I am delivering death’s invitation
I am delivering death’s invitation



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